• At Restore Sports Inc, we recognize the increasing costs associated with sports and the financial burden that this places on current and future players of the sport community. Whether it was your first memory playing at the rink, court, field or course, the essence of sports remains the same…passion. Sports transcend generations and unites it's members in a bond that remains constant throughout life’s endeavors. Whether it is the smell of the locker room, the grind of your first practice or an overtime goal; the legacy of sports inspires. It is this inspiration that prompted the creation of Restore Sports Inc. and it is our goal to honor this institution for generations to come.

  • Stats at a glance

    We can make a difference

    45 million

    Children between the ages of 6-17 playing youth sports


    Average per year/per child expense


    of HS Athletes obtain college scholarships

    $7 billion

    Youth sports industry annually


    decrease in participations numbers from 2008-2013

  • Recycle the Game

    Through partnerships with influential players, teams, leagues and organizations, we have developed a model to fulfill our mission - to promote sports in a manner that embraces access, opportunity and affordability, while giving new life to the equipment that has helped build its foundation.


    All proceeds from the products and services we offer are used to further our mission and we believe that these efforts will provide not only a financial return to the world of sports, but they will also encourage social and environmental awareness to the members of our communities.

  • Our Team

    You can be a part of it!

    Our Board

    Responsible for the X's & O's

    The Restore Sports Board is made up of individuals who have experienced first hand the benefits of youth sports. Want to learn more about our BOD? Let us know, we will tell you all about them.

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    Want to do your part? Become a Restore Sports Ambassador in your community - fill out the contact form below and we will tell you all about it!

  • Support Restore Sports

    A partnership with SidelineSwap allows us to do the following

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    Equipment Donations

    Accepting donation the 21st century way

    Utilizing technology and the SidelineSwap Marketplace, we have developed the most effective way to donate used sporting goods. Simply list your items on SidelineSwap and mark the items as a donation to Restore Sports. When your product sells, ship it off to the buyer and Restore uses the proceeds to fulfill our mission.

    Equipment Auctions

    Professional athletes game worn gear

    We partner with professional sports teams, leagues and players to bring you game worn gear. Professional athletes using their personal gear to support the next generation. Visit our Auction page on SidelineSwap.com to see all the professional sports gear up for grabs.

  • Our Core Values

    We all can make a difference


    Limiting our carbon footprint

    We strive to find new homes for used equipment that would otherwise end up in landfills. Our partnership with SidelineSwap removes unnecessary  shipping and warehousing which limits our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

    Activity vs Obesity

    Promoting an active lifestyle

    It is proven that active children experience more benefits in life. We are driven to get kids off the couch, outside and moving.


    Tangible numbers prove impact

    We draw a direct correlation between the equipment we repurpose and donate to the impact we have on the sports community. More kids in sports is the ultimate reassurance!

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